The latest news from Tectime....

Latest Android Update on test

Just testing the latest updates to the Android study application. Some interesting features such as a "view history" option together with

Expanded Error Messages, Auto coding of "new" elements etc simplified to match IePro Desktop.

Volume button allowed for new round/observation input in Sampling and Multi Operator Timestudy

EC (element continued) added to Multi Operator Timestudy.

Planned release shortly.



User Group Mar 2018

Thanks to all who attended the March session of the User Group. Some interesting points were made, the User Group forum concept was well received and could be useful in the coming months with new ideas for Version 9. 

It was also noted that whilst the traditional day for the meeting has been a Wednesday a suggestion was to move to Thursday and the concensus was this would be better for individuals in terms of their diary planning. 

So the planned next meeeting will move to the Thursday, we will contact all members to confirm the date.

Pro-Series III intelligent charger shows its abilities twice in one week.

With the recent cold UK weather the charger protected the batteries by not starting the fast charge cycle after being left in the “cold”. Within 24 hrs tech support had a question from Australia about a study board delaying the FAST charge cycle, turns out it was too hot!

Great to see the study board charging system working as intended in the real world, not something we hear about often as the design just works!  

Tectime IePro Pro-Series III study board