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New Release iePro Mobile V1.20.01.00

Minor update to fix 2 issues and adding additional options

1. The database fails to upgrade if there are no studies, fixed.

Found on last update, update process failed to complete if there were no recorded studies on the device  

2. Bug fixes & reliability enhancements.

Relating to the lastest Android OS, V9

3. Options to clear all app data.

4. Security enhancements added to sending of study data via email & cloud.

Still using a stopwatch?

My first thought on this is, why!  That can be a little unfair as “quick” adhoc times can serve a purpose, but I have to say a very limiting purpose. A quick process time can be achieved, basically a time to do “X” units of production, so time per unit is………

One Simple Thing!

Our products do one very simple thing, make you or your Industrial Engineers more productive. After installing our systems in many clients in the last 30 years it’s an unequivocal fact that we can achieve this. Even more so if you are using a Stopwatch.

Our experience :-

  • Means that recording studies is a simple as possible.
  • Means that the analysis software can produce a “value” in seconds
  • Means that we understand your needs as an Industrial Engineer

You get :-