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iePro Mobile V1.18.06.00 (June 2018) Issued

Is now available from the customer portal to download. This is part of the implementation to allow users to manage the Licence details for their devices, allowing users to remove a licence from an old devices and replace on a alternative device without the intervention of Tectime. Rollout of this version to Tectime managed devices will occur shortly and the user will be advised directly.

"It's Coming Home"


iePro Mobile Update - Released

iePro Mobile Android program update is released V1.18.05.00 (May 2018)

1. Expanded the error message when maximum amount of studies collected.

2. When creating a new element the auto Code naming has been changed to XX1 - XX999 from XXX1 - XXX99    When creating a new op/area the auto Code naming has been changed to X1  - X99   from XX1  - XX9

3. Allow the volume down button to be used as a New Round button in multiman, option in the settings.

4. EC button added to multiman.

Latest Android Update on test

Just testing the latest updates to the Android study application. Some interesting features such as a "view history" option together with

Expanded Error Messages, Auto coding of "new" elements etc simplified to match IePro Desktop.

Volume button allowed for new round/observation input in Sampling and Multi Operator Timestudy

EC (element continued) added to Multi Operator Timestudy.

Planned release shortly.