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Proving Continuous Improvement or Kaizen

It’s simple really, create an environment where Continuous Improvement (CI) or Kaizen is part of the companies culture and the business will improve, I know, I have over simplified that process but you get the idea. But how do you prove what continual improvement has done for your business. Well again in simple terms you quantify before and after the event.

Tectime User Group

Will be held on the 29th March 2017, Newcastle Under Lyme.

Subjects to be covered include latest on Android Software.


Lean Report Template for iePro Desktop

The next release of iePro Desktop will include a report template to help users speed up the process of reporting on Lean categories.   The template will group recorded activities based upon the defined categories (added value, etc) showing Total time, number of times recorded, calculated average and percentages. This default report will lead into quickly accessing pie, pareto and stacked charts options.