Work Study (the definition of)

“The systematic examination of the methods of carrying on activities so as to improve the effective use of resources and to set up standards of performance for the activities being carried out.”

(ILO- Introduction to Work Measurement 4th edition).

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How we examine and achieve our standards is a subject of debate. Here at Tectime we believe direct measurement is initially a key part of this process.  Using our systems clients develop accurate information which when standardised can develop into a powerful database for the development of synthetics.

One of the issues with direct measurement techniques is the analysis time and this very often limits or even prevents the measurement from taking place with our iePro software we almost completely remove this analysis time. IePro gives you values potentially within minutes of ending the study, with statistical details with a simple click of your mouse. This can be complied to a database for the development of synthetics which in the longer term will reduce the need for direct measurement, all based on your own values.

Of course we understand the need for flexibility so the database will allow the input of data from other sources such a Predetermined Time Standards in the form of TMU’s

There is nothing simple about Work Measurement but with our systems “life” is so much easier!