New Release iePro Mobile V1.19.10.00

The latest release of the Android iePro Mobile app will be available from Monday 4th November 2019.

All the changes are listed below in detail...

  1. The header fields are now imported from the joblet file, the user can choose for this to be shown at the start of study, end of study or not at all.  It can also be edited in manage recorded studies area.  This is in readiness for iePro Desktop V9.
  2. You can now enter Marks separately on the notes page during study, this can be turned on/off in the settings and is only compatible with the up and coming iePro Desktop V9.
  3. Options added to send the study to Microsoft OneDrive app if it is installed.
  4. AS/MM; on study start the first area in the list is pre-selected.
  5. Date and time added to the study list screen.
  6. Finish time in the study is updated when the user physically turns off the device in study.
  7. Altered positions of buttons on the Manage Studies screen in portrait mode.
  8. AS; added an option in the settings so a volume down button press acts as a new round press.
  9. Screen tips; setting added to allow you to turn off all the screen tips.
  10. When a study is created the checking if the study table is full is moved so the warning is displayed before the user enters the study name and chooses a joblet file to use.  Also checking if the name already exists is moved so after the warning message has been cleared the user may altered the entered text without entering it all again.
  11. An option added into the settings allowing the user to reset the settings to the default options.
  12. Changes to accommodate GUI for Tab A (2019) 10" running Android 9 (Pie).
  13. Licence screen; swapped round 'Current Licence Details' & 'What would you like to do?' sections on the GUI.
  14. Study DataID; a unique number is generated and added to the study for use in iePro Desktop V9.
  15. Minimum Android OS requirements increased from Android 4.0.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich) to Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).
  16. Licence server; purchase date issues fixed.
  17. Licence server; incorrect number of days left on the licence was returned by the device.
  18. MM/AS; 'most frequently used' button was not remaining on between each operator in portrait mode.
  19. DeviceID was still using the InstallID rather than the newly created DeviceID which is set by the user in the exported study file.
  20. AS/MM; final BP not recorded in study when it contained no data.
  21. AS/MM - when an already seen operator was accidentally pressed the seen area was lost.
  22. AS; EC button was showing in landscape.
  23. Rotation functions updated.
  24. Adding new Study Definition; if details (long description) left blank it did not auto fill in therefore in study if you were displaying long description you would have blank lines.
  25. History; due to the length of time to load if there are many observations it has been limited to the last 20.
  26. AS countdown alert; when new round alert triggers the tip screen sometimes reappeared and alarm sounded even if set to off in the settings.
  27. Study start; added a check to see if Wifi/Mobile Data/Bluetooth/GPS is turned on and inform the user if so as these are power hungry connections that will reduce run time as well as take up extra processing power.  N.B. Now need extra permission ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION.