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Applics - Data Collection

Developed as a custom or bespoke data collection system. Our concept has been to develop a framework of commands that can collect a variety of data “types” from simple surveys to complex interactive recording processes.

Utilising these commands we can quickly develop solutions that can be implemented quickly and in a cost effective manner. Using our “in-house” skills and knowledge for data collection we can shorten development time to provide solutions in a timely way.

Multiple Disciplined Engineers

With the advent of engineers now having to engage in potentially several departments within a company this can lead to roles such as the Industrial Engineer, Work Study or Work Measurement being consigned to the “back burner”. Even though the need for the measurement is still an absolute for the company’s needs.

Using iePro systems you can almost double the productivity of the measurement process.  A recent example shows that even when only 25% of the engineers overall availability is utilised iePro can still give a payback of just 6 months on the capital costs.


Proving Continuous Improvement or Kaizen

It’s simple really, create an environment where Continuous Improvement (CI) or Kaizen is part of the companies culture and the business will improve, I know, I have over simplified that process but you get the idea. But how do you prove what continual improvement has done for your business. Well again in simple terms you quantify before and after the event.