iePro Mobile Update - Released

iePro Mobile Android program update is released V1.18.05.00 (May 2018)

1. Expanded the error message when maximum amount of studies collected.

2. When creating a new element the auto Code naming has been changed to XX1 - XX999 from XXX1 - XXX99    When creating a new op/area the auto Code naming has been changed to X1  - X99   from XX1  - XX9

3. Allow the volume down button to be used as a New Round button in multiman, option in the settings.

4. EC button added to multiman.

5. Ending study changed; the end study button has been removed from within the study recording    screens due to it sometimes being hit accidently. The study icon on the main screen changes to indicate if a study is in progress or not, if it is when pressed the option to ressume or end the study is presented.  

6. A History button has been added which when pressed show the current operator's history so far.    This feature is only available is the device has a 'Large' or above screen as defined by Android OS (large screens are at least 640dp x 480dp) Approx 7" or larger screens.

Managed tablet users will be notified on your device.

Other users will be emailed when the update is ready for download via the customer portal.

Thanks again to the users that continue to supply feedback to improve the product.